Excellence at Work

Working at P. Smith’s, P.I, Amanda Watson was the best detective the agency had ever had in years. One fine morning, she was sitting in her small office on the top floor of a tall building. She was examining some papers that were clipped together. Her office was a little room, decorated with flower vases, wall hangings and a shelf –half of which was packed with books, and the other half had her case file stacked on it. As she turned the page, there was a knock on her door.

“Come in” she said.

The door opened, and in came a tall man with jet-black hair and dark cold eyes, wearing a black suit. He was a stern looking man with half-moon glasses on his nose.

“Are you done with your report, Ms Watson?” he asked sternly.

“Yes, Mr Smith,” answered Amanda softly “Would you like to have a description?”

“Go on Ms Watson. I am all ears.”

For the next fifteen minutes, she went on with her report, running her fingers through her long blonde hair at intervals. When she finished the brief account of what she had on papers, she had a glass of water. Mr Smith left after congratulating her for her work.

She put the papers in a file labeled “SECRET” and locked the file in her brown leather briefcase. She sat in her chair and stared at her black skirt for two minutes, then she put her head on the table, closed her eyes, and tried to relax. After a little while she stood up, washed her face, stepped out of her office with her briefcase, and she locked her office. As the elevator was not working, she alighted by stairs and took a cab to the airport. She was to take the flight from New York to Boston for a meting that was to start in a couple of hours.

She safely arrived at the airport and was boarded onto the plane, and was in Boston shortly. She still had two hours left before the meeting was scheduled. In the arrivals area, she felt someone push her. A male hand on hers, the one she was holding her briefcase in. In one second she had her briefcase and in the next she did not. The mugger she saw was wearing white full sleeved shirt and blue jeans. Amanda ran after the mugger a long distance but he eventually escaped. After this desperate situation, she took a cab to the hotel she was to stay in for a day.

As she entered her room, her mobile phone rang. She pushed the accept button. It was Mr Smith calling.

“Amanda, you have to be very careful and watch every step!”

This was the first time ever that Paul Smith addressed someone by their first name.

“May I know why, sir?”

“One of our people has just reported that the case we thought we were managing was given to another agency as well.”

“So?” Amanda asked, sounding bewildered.

“So this Amanda. We have also found the detective managing the case for the other agency never does his homework, and gives
someone else’s work under his name.”

“Then why does no one questions him?”

“You just think of yourself right now. Do not worry about him.” He said in an urgent voice. “He might be following you and thinking of a way to snatch that report from you.”

“I want to tell you something.” Amanda sounded nervous.

“Why do you sound nervous?” He inquired. “What’s the matter?”

“I am sorry sir.” Grunt “But I have,” grunt “been robbed of that file.”

Amanda was given an order to go to the meeting and explain to the Chief Executive Officer of the theft. She was also to
suggest that it might be Albus Grint, detective from the other agency.

In a minute she was ready and took a cab to the company’s main office. She headed to the boardroom. As she turned the door knob, she heard a man’s strong voice, and learned that she was late for the meeting.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen,” he said. “My name is Albus Grint, and I am ready with the report against your employee.”

“And I am Amanda Watson from P. Smith’s P.I.” She yelled across the conference room.

Amanda walked in and was gestured by one of the directors to have a seat.

“Thank you” she said as she sat in one empty chair.

While she took a deep breath and everyone waited for her to continue, she noticed that the conference room had its floor made of oak brown marble and the walls painted brown; a 5 shade lighter tone. A huge oval shaped table sat in the centre and dominated the room with white office chairs surrounding it as its sub ordinates.

“I apologize for yelling across the room, but I wanted to stop this man from speaking any further,” she said. “I want you all to know something before this meeting proceeds.”

For almost half an hour she talked about what was in her report and how it was stolen from her.

With every word Amanda spoke, Albus was irritated further and finally he spoke.

“And, miss, would you mind telling us how your little sad story relates to me or whatever I say?”

“Let me see those papers in your hands,” she started confidently, “and I will prove them to be mine.”

Colour drained from Albus’s face.

Amanda felt confident because she had just seen the file that Albus Grint was holding. It had “SECRET” written on it. And she knew well that only her agency used those kinds of files; while the other agencies had “CONFIDENTIAL” written on them.
This was probably the biggest mistake Albus ever made and would ever make.

When the directors read the report they concluded that it was in fact made by Amanda Watson and therefore they asked her to submit another copy of it under her agency’s name.

With her success in this case, Amanda Watson was awarded the best employee award for the fifth time in a row.

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