What’s Lacking? Talent? or TIme?

Majority of the Student here will probably remain here once they are done with their studies. But will these studies help them in their careers here?

That is one question that need be answered. And answered soon for that matter.

Whatever course it may be, the course books are all by authors that are not Pakistani and have written those books with reference to the laws, values, cultures and practices of their people, their countries.

And these values not hold true for our society. We are supposed to learn from those books, but do we? I think not to the extent we ought to. Reason being, everything is explained via examples that are hard to relate to.

The next question must be Why is it so?

To this there could be two answers. Either one has to be true.

Either we have no one capable enough to write a book that could be used as course material at the bachelors and masters level.

Or the capable ones feel it to be an unimportant task. They have no time for the future of the Nation!

Is this the way we plan to bring prosperity to our nation?
Are we still not letting outsiders to lead us?
Are none amongst us, who can come up and teach us the right things?

2 thoughts on “What’s Lacking? Talent? or TIme?

  1. I know. Its so frustrating to study examples about concepts from a different culture that doesn’t apply much over here. Even though globalization has altered things so much, still the fact that most of the culture over here is still very different from the one abroad. Keeping that in consideration, books should be designed by local authors that are more relate-able having concepts adapted locally. That makes education much more fun and interesting for the ones acquiring it!

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