The Jinxed Post

The Jinxed Post. Quite agreed upon. But the question that I have been asking for some time now is: Why? Did you not get what I mean? Well… In simpler words it goes as follows in the next paragraph.

Quite a popular belief it is that the post of “Defense Against the dark Arts” is jinxed. One might wonder, since when? Having understood our curiosity, we were informed that it has been so since Professor Dumbledore refused the said post to Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort.

Having received the answer to the first question, their arises another question in mind.

Was it really that long since that post has been jinxed? Some might believe what has been told by Rowling (in Dumbledore’s words) that the post obviously is jinxed since when Dumbledore refused the post to Voldemort. A few might also believe that the post is jinxed since when Voldemort shared Quirrel’s body. Not just contaminating Quirrel’s body but tampering with some hidden magic pertaining to the post too. (I came up with this as I was writing)

But I choose to differ.

Because if it would have been because of Voldemort, it would have been Quirrel’s first year at Hogwarts as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor (I mean in the book “Philosopher’s Stone”). You remember when Harry was talking to Percy Weasley (Percy the prefect) after he, Harry, was sorted into Gryffindor?

Well Harry asked “who is that with Professr Quirrel?” (obviously he was then talking about Professor Snape).

With no book in my hands at present, it is a bit difficult to quote word for word, but I remember that Percy, after informing Harry of Snape’s name and his position as the Potion’s Master, talks to Harry about Quirrel.

Percy Weasley informs Harry that Quirrel was okay until a year back but having met some vampires in his last travels has changed him a bit. This somehow to me suggests that Quirrel had been teaching in Hogwarts before that too.

Because if it were not so, Percy would not have known that much about the teacher initially and more so, Professor Dumbledore did not introduce Quirrel in his speeches as he has been doing the following years.

I conclude that the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts was never jinxed because Voldemort aka Tom Riddle ever wanted it.

Saying all that. there must be a reason why a new teacher was required every year for that very post.

And the reason is:

“The Boy Who Lived”

“The Chosen One”

The post has been jinxed since Harry James Potter set foot in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!!!


Around me it forms a shield
Hard and transparent too

Showing me as an insensitive being
With consideration for no one at all

Not taking notice of the feelings at play
The loving heart minced time and again

Waiting for someone with powers possessed
To puncture the bubble and come to me

To come to me; to touch my heart
With no misunderstandings; know the real me

Keeping hopes high, bearing it time and again
With fading light and no breathing space

Around me it forms a shield
hard and transparent too

Abdur Rehman Chughtai

Abdur Rehman Chughtai was born on the 21st of September 1899 at “Mohalla Chabuk Sawaran”, in the city of Lahore. He died at his birth place, Lahore, on the 17th of January 1975.

In the 1920s, Chughtai created large watercolours in a modified Bengal – school style. By the 1940s, his painting style was influenced by Mughal architecture, Islamic calligraphy, miniature painting (small detailed painting, usually a portrait, executed in watercolours on parchment) and Art Noveau (decorative style that flourished in western Europe between 1890 and 1910)

HIs diverse subject matter included heroes from Islamic history, Mughal monarchs, and episodes from Punjabi, Persian and Indo – Islamic folktales.

After the partition in 1947, he came to be known as the National Artist of Pakistan.

At an early age, Chughtai studied at Lahore’s Myo school of Art. Chughtai was printmaker having studied the art in London.

Though he was self – taught, his early style is indistinguishable from that of Bengal school. He may have been influenced by the Calcutta – trained painter, Samenendranath Gupta, a teacher and vice – principal at the Myo school of Arts during Chugtai’s years there, in the early 1920s, as a drawing master in the photolithography department.

The influence of Abdur Rehman Chughtai took theMughal art out of its narrow miniature framework and gave it the dignity of modern dimension. He effectively transplanted to canvases and to book illustration the lyricism of the Mughal and Pahari miniature. Chughtai was dificult to emulate because of his persistence in traditional subjects and highly stylized treatment.

His works are part of some of the most impressive art collections in the world. The British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the collection of Queen Elizabeth ll and Delhi’s National Museum of Modern Arts are all proud owners of Chugtais’.

Abdur Rehman Chughtai was the one who designed the logo of PTV and stamps for Pakistan post. In his lifetime he made some 2000 watercolours, 1000s of sketches, and nearly 3000 etcings.

His lines are strong and distinct and the work is filigreed with oriental motifs and intricacy of detail. Chughtai loved painting figures, and this went well with the audiences who were still coming to terms with the modernism that had taken birth in post Great War Europe. Chightai was not an artist unappreciated in his own time.

The Pakistani government awarded him the Hilal – e – Imtiaz.

Chughtai Museum, as it is known, is home to the largest collection of Chughtais in the world.

In 1927, Chughtai published Mraqqa, his first major work. It comprised of a series of illustrations he made for new edition of the thought – heavy and highly imaginative versus (Urdu and Persian) of Ghalib.

Respect Your National Flag

A link because I once wrote the words that you are about to read to get them published in Young World. Merely posting it here again to relive the ownership of these words and sentences.

If you go to this link, you will see that the name there is Hina Ghaffar and not Hina Tabassum Khatri because back in my College days, I never bothered to use my middle name and my surname. Previously I wrote my name as Hina Ghaffar. A. Ghaffar being my father’s name.

Every year on Independence Day people decorate their houses with buntings and get their children plastic flags of Pakistan. I would like to request all Pakistanis to abandon this practice. These buntings will not in any way help our country. You might think that I bear no love for my country and am not a patriotic person, but it is not so. The reason I ask this favour is plain and simple: I respect my nation’s flag.

I might sound stupid but many of you must have noticed that after the dusk of 14th of August, all the buntings and all those plastic flags are found in the dustbins and on the sides of the streets along with all the dust and trash. And are trampled under feet of almost everyone.

I request all Pakistanis that if they cannot respect their flag, they can at least not disgrace it. The flag of our nation matters a lot to patriotic Pakistanis.

Hina Ghaffar

My Experiences; My Life

I am a feather. A white feather. A clean white feather.

I was not all alone always. I had a family, a family full of feathers. We were all part of a white pigeon. It felt great to be flying higher and higher in the skies.

With no boundaries to stop us, the world was our home. Sometimes we were in the cool breezes and at times, it was the blazing hot air.

But that is all in the past. Today, I am a feather with no one to care for me. I no more belong to that pigeon.

I am moving, rather flying, in the direction Air pushes me. I am afraid, not because I am falling, but, because I think when I will be on the ground, with humans trampling me under there feet, I will not remain the bright white feather that today I take pride in being.

Here is another breeze and it has pushed me towards a window. An open window. I can see plants on the window sill. The plants that I will join in a while.

I am too close to the window now and I detect some movement there. Now it is not just the plants there. A girl has come to stand there. She is looking at the street below and she looks sad.

She, the girl at the window I mean, did not stay long. Till the time I reached the window sill, she had left. And I sat there for hours and hours wondering what might happen to me further.

I did not even realize how fast time moved. It was nearly sun down when I saw that sad face again. Thegirl hadcome back to the room. And she saw me sitting there on the window sill, came to me and picked me up. I may have been a long lost precious something that she has found back.

For some unknown reason, I felt safe with her.

She, with me in her hand, sat down on the bed and lifted me. And she started speaking to me, maybe she thought it was safe to talk to a feather, that does not hear and does not speak back.

From her little one sided conversation, I learnt that her name was Alina Ali and she was a student in some university (the name i did not really understand). She, with her family, has recently shifted to this new city, Karachi. With all her friends and half her family (extended family) left behind, she was having trouble starting it all once again.

From what I can recall, she said

I am all alone in here. Nothing to do. Life, I never knew, could be that difficult to restart. Getting to know nw people is Ok but then there is the fact that contact with a lot of people, left behind, will have to be severed. Distance does have a negative impact on the strength of relationships.

‘For instance, today when I went to University, I felt a bit out of place. The atmosphere there was totally different there from what I am used to.

She sighed and closed her eyes. She sat like that for some time and then opened them again. This time she was smiling. She looked at me again. It seemed that she was looking at me, properly for the firsttime. Her smile deepened.

What a cute little thing you are! And here I am sitting telling you all downs of my life. Maybe upsetting you a bit? Oh, little one, forget about that. We will talk about something else. For a start, I could give you a name. Yes, that is what I will do. Lets see. What should your name be? I know the right name and from now on you are my “Quilly”

And thus I was named Quilly.

Alina’s a loving friend to have. I, who is nothing more than a feather, am treated with love and care by her. She takes out time for me everyday. Talks to me. About herself and about me too (as if I was a human like her).

I, Alina’s Quilly, am no more a mere feather. She uses me as a quill. She writes with me for the subjects she likes best. She says that is because I am her friend, a true friend, and she would never use me for something she does not really care for.

And this makes me feel special.

Everyday, I wait for her to pick me up, to write with me. When ever she does this, It gives me a sense that I am not altogether useless. There is something I am capable of.

And in this manner days passed. Alina was adjusting well in Karachi. Though she has loads of friends now, she calls me her best friend still.

Then one sunny day, Alina decided to go to her aunt’s for a week. From what I could gather, her aunt lived in Lahore with her husband and two kids. Alina was very excited about meeting her young couisins (Adnan who is 20 and Hammad who is 13).

Once everything for her travel was settled, she started packing her bag while I lay on her desk wondering, giving in to my insecurities

Has she forgotten me, now that she is heading back to the people ofher past? Will she leave me lying here only? On her desk? Was I just a something that she kept with herself just so that she did not have to be all alone?

My thought process was interrupted as I felt that I was being lifted. It was Alina, who has come to take me with her. She told me that she will keep me in her handbag where there was more space and I could sit there comfortably.

How was I ever to predict that my happiness and my life had numbered hours left.

All thanks to Alina’s couisin, Hammad, I had had a terrible time since Alina walked in her aunt’s house.

I was in her hands when she entered and Hammad snatched me (from her). It was a new and painful experience for me as I was never really hurt physically before.

Maybe Alina loved him more than she loved me, because she didnt ask him to return me but let him keep me with him. (All my insecurities returning).

Hamamd’s grip on me was really tight. Though Alina was asking him loosen his grip but there was a huge smile on her face that may very well have suggested that it was upto Hammad how best to treat me as he (Hammad) is who matters.

Hammad was a brutal person to be left to. He did not seem to grasp the idea of what a quill is . What he wanted with me was to distort me. This I am sure of because he kept on murmuring the following words as he worked towars sending me to my doom.

I know she calls you her best friend now but I am not going to let that happen. I was, am and will remail Baji’s bestie. I wont let a good for nothing feather replace me.

His rage was uncontrolable and it made him look more scary.

When he was done with me, he crept into Alina’s room and threw me on the bed for her to find. Not long after Alina, who I thought really cared for me, walked in and sat down on the bed. As I cam in her line of sight, her smile was wiped off her face and shee seemed to be in shock. She picked me up. Her touch was as usual very soft and, at present, soothing to my aching body.

Again, I realized, I was wrong in thinking that Alina did not care for me anymore.

Since then, though I do not look the way I used, Alina has kept me safe with her. Never again did she ever let me into hands other than hers.

I may be gone into nothingness in some time, but I will never forget the time I have spent in Alina’s care.

Ecological Ethics

Firstly, the Ecological Ethics constitutes that everything being a larger picture where one species is dependent on the other. It says that even if one of the species was destroyed in this ecological system, the system’s smoothness will be lost.

The Utilitarian Approach

* Inflicting pain is evil. Be it on humans or non humans.
* Pain of animals must be considered as equal to that of humans (us).

The Non-Utilitarian Approach

* Every life has a value, be it of human or non humans.
* Being respected is a moral right of every living thing. Even if they are animals their right must be safeguarded.
* Humans have a duty towards animals and they (humans) must fulfill it.

The ecological Ethics further talk about preserving nature in its true form so that this world remains beautiful. The arguments for this point being that it is right of every being to be able to enjoy the beauty of mother nature and like wise a duty of every being to keep safe what it belongs to and what belongs to them.

My understanding of the topic

Basically ecological ethics talks about three main things. Following are the points it talks about:

* Moral rights for non humans
* Attitude of respect is morally demanded by all nature
* Something alive should be preserved and protected so that it can go on living