Ecological Ethics

Firstly, the Ecological Ethics constitutes that everything being a larger picture where one species is dependent on the other. It says that even if one of the species was destroyed in this ecological system, the system’s smoothness will be lost.

The Utilitarian Approach

* Inflicting pain is evil. Be it on humans or non humans.
* Pain of animals must be considered as equal to that of humans (us).

The Non-Utilitarian Approach

* Every life has a value, be it of human or non humans.
* Being respected is a moral right of every living thing. Even if they are animals their right must be safeguarded.
* Humans have a duty towards animals and they (humans) must fulfill it.

The ecological Ethics further talk about preserving nature in its true form so that this world remains beautiful. The arguments for this point being that it is right of every being to be able to enjoy the beauty of mother nature and like wise a duty of every being to keep safe what it belongs to and what belongs to them.

My understanding of the topic

Basically ecological ethics talks about three main things. Following are the points it talks about:

* Moral rights for non humans
* Attitude of respect is morally demanded by all nature
* Something alive should be preserved and protected so that it can go on living