Snowflakes and the Wierdness

Stepping off the bus, I tried to shield myself, with my books, from the intense heat. Keeping my books in place I walked the length of street and entered my apartment building.

To my dismay, something was wrong with the elevator and I was forced to take the stairs to reach home at the 4th floor. My mood getting ruined with every step I took. With all the tiresomeness and the laziness I reached home in 15 minutes.

As I entered home I saw my sister about to drink water which when she saw me offered me instead (maybe I looked a mess).

“Thanks yaar,” I told my sister once I was done drinking water.

“Anytime.” She smiled as she refilled the glass of water.

I went into the balcony and was amazed to see the beauty of the snow covered tree branches presented in front of me. I could see people playing in the snow. Making snowballs and snowmen. All this was happening and I kept staring as if in a trance.

Suddenly some kids started flying and walking on thin air. I turned around and saw my sister coming to me and I told her.

“These kids look so happy na?”

She replied something but I could not give any meaning to the words I was listening to. And the words seemed to be coming from far away too!

“I can’t understand, speak more loudly and properly…”

And I was woken up from a dream!

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