The Waiting

In February 1995, a very important discovery was made as I rode home with my mom for dinner.

Trees have leaves. And you can see them. Like, from far away.

I had just been outfitted with my first pair of glasses and it was love. (Yeah, the “first sight” kind. Har Har.)

I didn’t need to wear them everyday and I didn’t until I went to college, but those glasses were my gateway drug to the world of what is the best accessory ever created. If they love you as much as you love them*, they will fill your life with the blessings of clear sight and that just-finished-attending-a-foreign-film look. We are smarty-pants and we are proud. Or at least we simply appreciate the idea of looking like we’ve read a book.

*And let’s face it: glasses don’t love everyone. But please allow those of us who can’t shouldn’t wear…

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