The Contradiction

In the Mirror of Erised

You may have remembered the scene I will be talking about after looking at the picture on the left (though only the mentioning of the scene was important for Potterheads to understand).

Well, in the Philosopher’s Stone Voldemort tells Harry that his father, James Potter, was very brave and put up a strong fight before Voldemort killed him finally.

Let us skip a few years and move to the Deathly Hallows. Inside Voldemort’s mind (a flash back of the past).

The scene there depicts a man who though is shown brave because he was ready to die for his wife and son but as far as putting up a fight is, there was no fight!

James Potter’s wand was discarded and he never had the time to grab it. Voldemort killed him the instant he entered this house.

Do you understand what this means?

Voldemort is a LIAR!

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