A Mobile Number

Yesterday I went to University to sort out a grave issue but while my journey back to my place when I was a little calm, I spotted this car.

You may wonder what is so special about a car that I would notice it specially and put it up on the blog too.


On the Car, the owner (guessing here) had put some number stickers. Not any random stickers, it was a MOBILE NUMBER!

Though it is strange (I think) but not of real importance to a lot of people (me included). My reasons of putting this up on my blog is totally different.

I put this up here because it reminded me of a scene of a book.

I once read a book named Peer-e-Kaamil: The Perfect Mentor.

Available in Urdu and English

In this book the male lead had his number stickered on his car. This character happens to be one of my favourites and this car I saw yesterday reminded me of him.

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