Dual Nationality and Ineligibility

Recently the issue of parliamentarians and senators having dual nationality is very prominent in the news.

Dual Nationality or in simpler terms a person who is a citizen of two countries at the same time. I guess there is no issue with people acquiring citizenship of other states because it definitely help them avail facilities (in different places) at local prices.

For example Education. Like in the UK, fee for residents of the EU is lower than that of what the International students need to pay.

That is completely alright in my opinion.

But then comes the issue of dual nationality of the people who run the affairs of a country.

To explain how grave this issue is I narrate an assumed story (because it is easier to relate to stories and characters than it is to articles with high tech vocabulary) in which the main character happens to be a member of parliament and have dual nationality.

My name is Salar Imtiaz and I am a Minister in the Government. And yes, I totally forgot to inform that I happen to be a Pakistani. And British.

You may wonder why. Here I will tell you all my secrets (if I could call them that). I applied for British citizenship early when I started my career as a banker and my citizenship got confirmed after some time. My happiness knew no bounds at that time.

Then I married this very beautiful lady and we took off to live in the beautiful city of Glasgow. we had a very beautiful house furnished with all the comforts money could buy. At the same time we kept our places in Karachi and Islamabad all stocked up as well.

My children were all born there and are British by birth but they also bear a Pakistani passport. They all grew up in Glasgow unaware of how people make ends meet in Pakistan.

My kids are all educated at the universities with high standing in the world.

Then one fine day while I had coffee in the morning I told my wife that I have decided that I will contest in elections (in Pakistan). She agreed. We talked to our kids about it and they were happy too. And thus we (my wife and I) packed for our journey to Pakistan (my kids not wanting to come to Pakistan).

I contested in the elections (even though I am not only a Pakistani) and won a seat in the Parliament and became a Minister. Life was all bliss. Time went on (I sometimes went to UK to meet my kids and they rarely came to Pakistan).

One day I was informed that Pakistan and Britain had had some conflict and there may be tension between the two cities. Some more time passed and trade was effected. Soon it was time for me to decide to choose one country. There were not any issues there. I knew where I had to be.

My wife and I packed our bags and went back to Glasgow to our kids. To our perfect life.

Now we do not need such people to be incharge of so many lives. These people whose priority is not to stay loyal to Pakistan. To the people who voted for them.

The first chance they get, they are going to flee for their own safety. What happens to the Nation then?

With the argument I mentioned above I say that I am against Dual Nationality Bill!

4 thoughts on “Dual Nationality and Ineligibility

  1. so true, I agree with the first half that having dual nationality should not be an issue, but people choosing other countries over Pakistan just because they don’t feel save or they have to choose one, is a shameful act.

    • If only our law makers and parliamentarians would have been logical, there simply would not have been much issue.

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