Because 14th August is round the Corner

Today I happened to go to my school and all the memories came rushing back. As no one cares about what other person’s school life has been like, I am not going to go put all my good old days here but there are a few that I would mention.

These days that I remembered and wish to talk about are the days when each year the entire school prepared for the function on the 14th of August and the day it self. Our Independence Day!

Some years back (when I was at school), the school used to open at the beginning of August (unlike now when more than half of them open halfway down August) and every day there was some time that all of us (teachers and students alike) dedicated to rehearsing and organising the event on 14th of August. It did not use to be grand affair but it always was fun and a source of learning.

*For many the subject of History was boring and they had no interest in it but for the quiz that use to take place every year on the 14th everyone read the events at least once. That one time reading a year was enough for them to understand that they can not take the country for granted.*

Every year there were teachers who would write short scripts so that students could act out the role of our National heroes and our historic events. People rehearsing for days to get their notes (while singing) right and some learning the steps of our cultural dances.

The Day itself

Our day used to begin with singing the National Anthem at 8 in the morning (with everyone clad in green and white) followed by everyone letting go of white and green helium balloons in air. Then used to come all the quizzes, songs, plays and dances. A day filled with fun and learning.

What happens these days?

The schools open way after the Independence day (as mentioned previously) and no more the management, the staff or the students bother about imparting the importance of this day and spend (a huge majority) the day sleeping.

When I compare my school life with that of my youngest sibling and cousins I feel sorry for them.

6 thoughts on “Because 14th August is round the Corner

  1. I so agree wid u. Our lives have become robotic with tasks to accomplish. Emotions have become rare in us

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