In the Near Future

I have been reading a few blog posts around the WordPress Spectrum and gotten a few ideas and there have been other ideas that are my uniquely my own that I would like to put in action. In here I will be putting them in words because I believe that once I write something down, I am a step further towards actually doing it.

This could also be said that this particular post could be a publicized To DO List for me.

Complete the Drafts
As of today there are many drafts on my Dashboard that need to be competed and published on the blog. They are still drafts because when I try writing or completing them, I think that I should write something more interesting.

Get on With the Stories

There are a few Stories that are in my mind and I need to pen them down before they become stranded thoughts that are lost in all the different things already in my mind.

Blog Layout

Change something about the Blog’s Layout as it had been the same for quite some time now. Though there are many themes available but I do not really prefer many of them because they show the compete post on the Home Page and many do not show the categories.

By this I also mean that I might as well add more pages / posts that say things about me. Wish-lists, etc kind of stuff.

The To Do List

I have to update my To Do Lists. Yes I did deliberately put an “s” and made it lists. I prefer to group together like kind of things together and make a to do list for them and then move on to different nature of works that I have to do and make another To do list for them and so on.

I don’t always call my To Do lists as To Do’s. I name them differently :p. A few examples could be that they are my reading list, things I want to buy, assignments I have to do and the like.

I guess, I must do all this before I set further tasks for myself!

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