The Perfect Love Story

Recently I caught this fever of reading romance novels. And after reading a few historical romances and a few contemporary romances I have realized that there happens to be a recipe to cone up with the perfect love story. Following points are what I have deduced from those readings:

1. The hero has to be a billionaire (and if that is too much to acquire, he has to be a millionaire in the least)

2. It is not at all important for the hero to be filthy rich in the beginning. What matters is that he must end up rich

3. The hero is one fellow who has worked day in and day out to acquire his wealth (even if he happens to be a rich aristocrat, he had doubled or tripled the fortune)

4. The hero is… I’d give you the complete list of adjectives but it would take a lot of time. But here are a few. Handsome, beautiful, gorgeous, epitome of maleness, sexy, tall, dark and handsome type, etc (you get the idea, don’t you)

5. When compared to his family and friends and all the random people out there, the hero shines out. Though some family and friends maybe equally handsome, but ofcourse no comparison to the great guy

6. Before meeting his lady love, our hero has to be playboy (justification being that he is too old to be celibate and uses his ‘experience’ for the pleasure of his lady love

7. The awesome cool dude has become a cynic with all the mean people and their mean agendas in his life but towards the end ht starts opening up and has to be potrayed as being totally vulnerable and all the harshness really being a facade

8. When Cupid strikes, our hero loosed his heart, his mind and all the more his self control. It’s as if his life has completely turned upside down and he definitely doesn’t like it a bit

Now let me give you some insight about the sweet, little heroines,

9. She is most of the time way too young as compared to her hero. In historicals the age differnce ranges from 10 to 15 years where as in contemporary it ranges between 2 to 15

10. The sweet little girl is naive as compared to her man in almost all areas of life except for being generous and kind

11. Her skin is either like alabastor or smooth ivory

12. She takes an instant liking for her man even when she doesn’t know him really and many a times she consciously makes a habit of hating him on purpose

13. She reacts to the hero in a way she never thought was possible for her and this is supposed to signify the strength of her feelings

14. The lady has to be beautiful ofcourse. That is a given. Whatever her features be like the guy is sure to believe her to be plain but then he simply can’t get her out of his mind

Now that I have put these in words, a few more things that also form an integral part need to be mentioned and they are:

15. More often than not, there has to be at least one sizzling scene

16. Almost all the time there have to be misconceptions so that they fall apart and understand what the other means to each

17. For good measure there is a love child who somehow brings the pair together

18. And ofcourse they end up being married irrespective of their idea of marriage initially

With all the above points in place, I still must add that when one looks forward to light reading, romance is one of the choices.

34 thoughts on “The Perfect Love Story

  1. incredible point,s especially about the male protangonist…. hahaha…perfect richy-handsome-loving-caring-one-woman dude..

  2. Excellent post…… and yes we experienced this novelistic approach some how in our daily routine…. mostly its one sided love

  3. I beg to differ! Although this is well-written, It seems to me that someone has misguided you towards “good” romance novels.

    I strongly agree with numbers 4,7,12, &13 though!

    • You mean to say that that is not the case in all those novels? Then you need to guide me in the right direction Hera 🙂

      But of course your opinion can very well differ from mine and both are equally important in their own ways. No hard feelings 🙂

  4. Hina: Enjoyed reading this one 🙂 agree with you abt the formula and the no brainer plots .. it is as if they follow at 1, 2, 3 building block approach to writing.. if you read enough systematically analyze them you can actually tell what will happen on page 25… That said, these mind numbers are the best kind of books to relax with or travel with. I never forget to buy a book or two before I leave for a trip 🙂

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