Earthquake in Karachi

April 16th, 2013

Sitting in the library, I thought I must get a start on the assignment that is due by tonight. But as there was no computer available at the moment, I sat at this chair with my arms on the table / desk. My feet were swinging as they could not reach the ground while i sat on that chair comfortably not so comfortably. Therefore I took out my phone and decided that I would read something on it till I could get a free computer to use. While reading, I felt that the table /desk on which I was resting my arms was moving. The first thought that zoomed in my brain was, “Oh my God, it’s an Earthquake”! I looked to my right and then to my left. Nothing unusual. No one panicking. And I thought to myself that the person sitting on the other side must have shaken the table /desk. I started reading again. And the same feeling engulfed me again. I was sure the table / desk has moved. I was ready to give a piece of my mind to whoever sat on the other side of that table / desk but when I raised my head there was no one there! I thought  maybe I myself moved the table but the thought never got completed in my head when I realized that I could not have really done that!

With that after many many year I experienced an Earthquake again!

The first reaction it got out of me was to contact my family and ask them of their safety.

After the nerves cooled down and I saw people making a real fuss about the earthquake I whispered to myself, “Ab aisa bhi kuch nahi tha.” (Now, it was not that big a deal)

The bottom line still remains that I am thankful to Allah that even with the high magnitude everyone was safe and everyone survived.

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