Husband by the Hour by Susan Mallery

Husband by the Hour

Starting with disclosing the secret that Nick Archer is an undercover cop, the story goes on to show how he has been playing a shady real estate developer to put some criminals behind the bars. He had been undercover for almost an year and still needs to remain so for the time being and he is advised to lay low for the time being as his supposed accomplices (the criminals) are arrested and an arrest warrant in Nick Archer’s name will be issued as well.

This is where Hannah Pace enters the picture. She is a cop and has been in constant company of the notorious Nick Archer who happens to spend most of his time at the station bailing one or the other of his accomplices. Though she finds Nick stunningly attractive, she keeps her emotions and ideas in check because she is a cop and Nick a criminal (at least from what she knows).

Nick was brought up by a drunk for a father. The man turning to the bottle after the death of his wife. A childhood that did not have much happy memories and resulted in Nick becoming a man who did not find it in himself to trust people or welcome people to become an important part of his life.

Hannah Pace was adopted at birth and her adoptive parents died when she was four. Since then she had moved from foster home to foster home. The journey has exhausted her easiness to trust and love as she has started to believe that she is not worth being loved and nobody really needs her beside them or even in their lives.

When Hannah’s birth mother contacts her, her emotions are all over the place. She is happy and quite not confident about meeting the woman who deserted her all those years ago. Because when her mother had found her Hannah had been married (and divorced since) she asks Nick (or rather Nick persuades her) to come along with her and pretend to be her husband. A role for which he will get $400 from Hannah. Nick goes along as he needs to basically go into hiding for the time being.

They move to this town and Hannah does not only gets introduced to her mother but there awaits for her an entire family. Her family. Her four half brothers and their wives with crowds of nieces and nephews.

The time spent with this loving family helps both Hannah and Nick see what they had missed in their lives and that they wanted to have all of that together. And once they realize that, they of course get married.

I read it and gave it 5 stars on Goodreads.

P.S. This family(Hannah’s) have this legend going on for them that if a couple is truly in love they will have a daughter but if they are not, the baby is going to be a boy!

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