Forced to Bake

Recently, I had my cousins come over for a stay at my place. It was supposed to be all fun. Knowing that I am not really the person to be asked to go into the kitchen again again, they forced me into baking Pizza for everyone.

Making me cook and bake is their favourite hobby as they know that they I have a flair for it I am not really inclined towards it.

A note before I go ahead with the story. As I was not in the mood of clicking any photos at the time, there won’t be any.


Back to my tale.

When my friends came over, the basic plan was that we will order in food. A combined decision was to order 14th Street. And because 14th Street does not deliver to my area, we decided we will be utilizing the services of


But later everyone went back on their word and I was forced to bake Pizza for everyone.

To make it easier, we didn’t have to be worried about the Pizza dough as one of my cousins went out and bought Pizza bread for convenience sake.

Do you people really want me to go into the recipe and the method? I guess not because everyone can simply find out how to make Pizza! I ll share some interesting bits though.

Here goes nothing.

While we were crushing black pepper one mischief maker started blowing on it and made everyone’s eyes water

When squeezing the lemon juice, one of us simply had the urge to have a drop or two for herself (we all made faces and rolled our eyes at her)

While handling red chilli powder, everyone was a bit more careful to shield their eyes but one became a victim again and had to rush off to the bathroom to rinse his eyes with luke warm water

The chicken when cooked enough to put on the Pizza dough was taken out from the pan and everyone had bouts of hunger strong enough that they started eating the almost cooked chicken

half the mozzarella was eaten before the Pizza could be put in the oven to bake

The tomato puree not only made it to the Pizza dough but across faces of the people preparing the Pizza and on the floor as well

Though we endured a bit of pain and a bit of scolding from our parents for wasting stuff that way and being ineligible to even be in the kitchen, we had a great time all messed up with food. And decided that ordering in can be the agenda for next time.

As I mentioned I was irritated in the beginning, but by the end of this hilarious episode I could not help but be content with life and everything and everyone I have been blessed with.

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