The Old Manuscripts

With noting much to do these days than looking for a job and helping ma in the kitchen, I have had time to go through all those incomplete and almost forgotten manuscripts of all those stories that I at one time or another weaved in my head.

Going through all those stories is like looking at something special because they are all part of me. Though it is all fiction (the story at least), but the characters they are not totally factious. Someone at some point in my life (factious or real) had contributed inspiration for my characters.

But that is not the point in here, right? Or is it?

What I really wanted you people out there to know was that I have decided that I will work and complete all those stories and put them all up here for you.

And this means that I am going to again start updating my Harry Potter fan fiction. You know I really like this one.

So keep your fingers crossed for fast updates. 🙂

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