All Things Italian


These past days (not necessarily few), I have found myself inclined to all things Italian. The idea may have occurred to me while I read Dan Brown’s latest book (definitely not the first one in which the setting is in Italy).

The language itself is described as colourful and warm and it seems to have an attraction for me. I had to do something about it, right? This is what I did. I decided that it was time that I took out time to study and learn Italian. And that is one of the things I am doing these days.

Learning Italian

So, I downloaded this book and am trying my hand at learning this colourful language and as of now I can proudly say that I now know many phrases and can hold my own in a very simple conversation in Italian. 😀

Italian Food

I really really wanna try different Italian dishes but till date no luck there. But I am looking forward to this meet up with a friend and guess what? We are going to an Italian restaurant.

I am so looking forward to it!

Visiting Italy

Following are the places that are on top of the list of places that I’d love to see in Italy. And yes Italy is one of the countries that I really really want to visit.

Following is the list 😀

1. FLorence
2. Rome
3. Venice
4. Turin
5. Siena
6. Rimini
7. Ferrara
8. Siracusa
9. Milan
10. Sorrento

And many many more…

Note: I know it would have made this post more colourful and full of life if I would have had pictures included but I just felt that I’d put the pictures in here when I take them from my own camera. Not something I Googled.

4 thoughts on “All Things Italian

  1. You read Inferno, right? 😀 Haha I had the same surge lol to visit Italy and all. 😉 Trust me, this effect will be heightened once you read ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ :3

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