Father’s Day

HAppy Father's Day

My father’s a Banker. Since I was a baby his work intrigued me. I would sit with him and pester him with questions that may have annoyed him but never once was i chastised and told to leave him in peace. Papa answered my questions in a way that made me think that he believes that I am capable of understanding what he explained. Of course there were times when I would not probe more so that I could continue to believe that he believed that I was old enough and mature enough to understand. ut obviously I was trying my best not to look a fool asking the same things.

The time went on and these discussion I had with my father became a part of our lives. These discussions would range from politics, economy, his work, my school, my dreams and what not. I always felt I was talking to someone who understood me. Obviously I was right.

The two bankers in the famaly

The two bankers in the famaly

Now that I look back, I see how I would try to emulate his actions. It’s because of him that my interest in numbers and finance developed.

No wonder I ended up being a banker just like papa.

Love you always Papa for being the kind, strong, loving and wonderful man that you are. No man could ever be as good as you. You are the best father in this whole wide world and I am one of the luckiest daughters (because I have sisters too) in this world.

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