Fated (Doomsday Brethren #1.5)


A curse is as powerful as it is given credence for because at the end of the day it is magic (albeit it being dark) and needs emotions (be it fear, love, etc) to power it. With all that said one must remember (magickind and mankind) that we just have one life and we need to work out our priorities and decide what is more important. Rather than cowering behind excuses life has to be lived full on.

But then how that life is to be lived differs from person to person. Ronan Wolvesey (a wizard) has no aims in life and every day is just meant to be passed. With nothing but pursuits of women in his life he has somewhat attained a reputation of a playboy even though his kind needs such activities on a very regular basis to power their magic.

Couple of years back (the time he met Keri Keswick) he started questioning himself and how he led wife but bringing about no change in his life.

Keri on the other hand is a human who knows about magickind because many witches and wizards frequent her pub and while drunk exposed themselves to her. Being stabbed in the back by one cheating man, she doesn’t want to have to do anything with the handsome wizard because she believes him to be of the same ilk.

But love happens and forces people into submission. Forces them to toughen them up and shed their cloaks of cowardice.

And the same way Keri and Ronan find their lives entwined for life.

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