Possess Me at Midnight (Doomsday Brethren # 3)

Possess me at Midnight

You are as good as you make yourself to be. No matter who you are descended from.

Ice Rykard, vastly believed to be out of mind since the death of his sister some two hundred years past, is a man who does not believe in anyone anymore and does not believe himself worthy of anything good. In his eyes he is a failure not just because he failed to protect the sister he loved but was also put in place by the man (wizard) who was Ice’s only friend in the most harsh words that could be used against a man.

When he meets Sabelle Rion (the said friend’s sister), he instinctively knows that she is the mate of her heart and Calls to her while in his heart he has a firm belief that she will Renounce him for sure because why would an apparent princess (because she is Merlin’s granddaughter and that makes her practically nobility) accept some piece of scum (as he is used to think of himself).

While Sabelle had known since she was a child that being who she was she would have to make an advantageous mating to further the family’s connections and remembers them well but in her heart she is bound (in her heart) to a man she believes she could never belong to in the truest sense of the word for her whole life.

Together in the quest of defeating Mathias, the most evil wizard in the past centuries, they learn that no situation is too difficult to maneuver around if you put your whole heart and mind to it.

A couple who earned their forever after against odds one too many.

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