Keeping a Journal

Recently I have finished reading this book by Julia Quinn, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever.images

In this book, the heroine (Miss Miranda Cheever of course), since the age of 10 started keeping a journal. Everyday, she became more and more observant and gained a flair for words as well.

One must wonder why does that brings in me a need to  put up a post on my blog.

The answer is quite simple.

Writing in a journal is a habit that I have had for a long time and I could relate to what Miranda’s feelings are as pertains to writing a journal. Everyday, there is something that is so important that needs to be mentioned in the book that is sort of my autobiography. All those moments defined in my book that have formed my character, my personality.

A friend, of sorts, in which I can unburden myself. All the while being confident that my secret is not going to be leaked (obviously it is my responsibility to keep the journal under lock and key).

il_570xN.387535991_bvgiI have used different kinds of notebooks as my journal over the years. Now I want to own a leather-bound journal (something like in the picture to the left). It is not as if I woke up one day and said to myself, “Hina, you must buy a leather-bound journal soon.” It is a wish that I have had for some time now. And of course I will have it. As soon as I find the right one. One that is pure leather and of course it had to speak to me (I am guessing that many would think at this moment that this one have gone bonkers as journals do not speak surely, but I hope there are those as well out there, reading this, who know what I am talking about).

See you guys soon again. Or at least my words will.

Stay safe

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