Season in itself is nothing. It is a combination of different aspects prevalent to an area. To understand the climate of a certain region, it is imperative to study the temperature (that stays the same for some time), air pressure that is usual and how much humidity could be found on average on any given day.

Generally speaking a year is divided in to four seasons but there are many countries that do not experience all four of the seasons.

Pakistan is one of those countries. In Pakistan, summer and winter are distinguishable but the existence of spring and autumn is something that cannot be really vouched for.

“Which season is the best?”

The aforementioned has a highly subjective answer as it depends on the individual who is being asked.

But as far as I am concerned, Winter is the best season of them all. I have my own reasons, of course. They are what follows:

Firstly, this is one season that I hardly experience. And never in all it’s glory. The city I live in, for most of the year, has a temperature that can be called warm.

Secondly, though it may not even qualify as a reason for anyone else, winters rids us of being sweaty.

Thirdly, the way the season is portrayed in pictures and painting leaves me in awe of it. Everything covered in snow. White everywhere. All the colours playing peek-a-boo here and there bring out beauty that is almost incomparable.

Season(s) also play a very important part in the development of all cultures.

If the culture of people of warm climes is compared to that of the people who lives in the cold; it could easily be seen that clothes, foods and daily routines are due to what the climate is like and not necessarily die to what one may believe was the ways of their forefathers.

The same is true for the sports that remain dominant in any particular area.

To conclude, it will not be wrong to say that though a season in itself is nothing but has given identity and shape to much more that is now significant in its own right.


Have a good day and enjoy the arrival of winter!

2 thoughts on “Season(s)

  1. Hmm, so you like winter. I like it, too. But sometimes I don’t know, why I find it really depressing. Exactly not depressing but it’s just… I do prefer a sunny day in winter than a cloudy one. 🙂

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