Married by Mistake – Abby Gaines

Married  By Mistake Married by Mistake is a story of two people (Casey Greene and Adam Carmichael) who on live television are faking marriage. Less do they know that the man they chose to officiate can legally marry people in the state of Tennessee. Casey Greene has been engaged to her high school sweetheart since they graduated high school but the wedding date keeps on getting postponed for one reason or another. Taking matters in her own hands, she signs up for the first episode of a reality TV show called Kiss The Bride. Though she gets cold feet before the show, she sees the logic of marrying Joe after having a conversation with none other than Adam Carmichael (who is owner of the TV channel on which the show is to broadcast). Joe, Casey’s fiancé, has other ideas. He no more wants to marry Casey and the live TV show is moving downhill when he jilts her at the non-existent alter. Adam comes to the rescue. He has to; so that sponsors do not back out. Though there is a man on the show to officiate the marriages, Adam says he wants his friend Dave to officiate his marriage and explains to Casey that the marriage is going to be fake so that she can save face in front of the nation and he can save his business. Thus, Dave marries Adam and Casey. For real! Mr and Mrs Carmichael are informed by Adam’s lawyer that they are indeed bound in holy matrimony without Adam getting the woman to sign a pre-nup. Hence, begin their life as a married couple who await a judge to annul the wedding on the grounds that neither did they know each other beforehand nor was the marriage consummated. What is unexpected in the twists and turns their lives are taking, is the intense attraction they feel for each other. They succumb to it which after all makes their annulment stand null and void. While all this happens their lives become fodder for media and journalists had nothing better to do than to find out the genuineness of the relationship of the newly wed Mr and Mrs Carmichael. The story line is not that simple though. Among the chaos of their entwined lives are the sub plots of Adam’s cousin’s claim to the throne (figuratively) and Adam’s stepmother’s relationship with the company lawyer. I rate it a 5 star as it has become a part of my list of favourites.

5 thoughts on “Married by Mistake – Abby Gaines

  1. (I’m a bit late in saying that… :p)
    YOUR REVIEW MADE ME READ THIS BOOK… And I’m glad it helped me replace the bitter taste (caused by another book) with a sweet one, if you know what I mean. 🙂 :p

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