The Weather Girl by Amy Vastine

The Weather Girl

The red colour for the post is for the red umbrella that plays a significant role in the story.

Summer Raines a.k.a The Weather Girl is one amazing and wonderful woman. She has dreams and passion to go ahead and fulfill them. At the same time her sense of loyalty is strong enough to think about the people she love before she goes ahead and makes any decision for herself.

Travis Lockwood is in a vacuum where though he does know what he cannot do and what he does not want to do but has no idea what he wants to do with his life. It takes the dislike, like and love of one strong and weird woman to figure out what matters.

Together they go on to forge a life chasing storms when the storm of him getting her thirty seconds is what got the ball rolling.

The best of the best part of this book? Their wedding. The heavens open up for them to give them a day to remember among all the adventure filled lives that they live.

I give it five stars.

Did I also mention that this story makes me want to go out and enjoy mother nature like that as well?

All the best for those that do.

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