Roma, Italia

Rome, Italy

It is a place I have not yet visited. But there are so many things that I know about the city now that it amazes me as well.

One might wonder how that came about.

Apart from my real obsession of vacationing in the said country, it also happens to be the place where my Romance novel is set. To get all the details right, I turned to two people who live in Rome. Moiz and Ayesha. I did not know them. They did not know me. But still they helped.

Because of those two and the research I have been conducting on my own, I have had many a virtual tours of Rome. Not only does it aid me immensely to work on my novel, it has increased my yearning to visit the city where my characters find love.

In this particular I felt like adding some pictures but then I thought that just looking at the pictures will not give the readers the sense of something new and exciting as I got when I read and heard about the places I was viewing.

So all you out there, get yourself a computer with an internet connection and off you be to a virtual tour of the country of your liking this weekend.


8 thoughts on “Roma, Italia

  1. Good work 🙂

    The mighty Rome with its rich history alongwith awesome buildings such as St. Peter’s, The Brasilica, Leaning Tower, St. Peter’s Square, Colloseum and what not..

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