Butterfly Season by Natasha Ahmed

Butterfly Season

Set in England this is a story of Ahad and Rumi where their lives are at times under the dictates of others.

Rumi is one of those modern women from Pakistan who think that they are westernized but still make sure not to walk in a direction that may result in glares from everyone; who may or may not matter.

Rumi and Ahad meet via their friends when Rumi goes vacationing in England to her younger sister who is happily married there. From the dinner where they first meet, both of them feel the sparks flying between them. They want to be together, for totally different reasons. While both of them are wary of entering in to a relationship.

Ahad is just one another guy who is out to have a good time and is commitment phobic but something about Rumi gets to him. He sees her as a strong woman who hides her vulnerabilities well. Which brings out his protective side making him more wary than ever.

After many discussions and soul-searching, especially for Rumi; they enter in to a physical relationship which is destined to doom because the decision is made spontaneously and has quite a life changing impact. To add to the already simmering pot of change and uncertainty, and old flame of Ahad’s rattles Rumi so much that she speaks without thinking bring about a premature end to a budding relationship.

Making more life changing decisions, after wallowing in misery for a time, Rumi decides to burn her bridges and move to England for good. Ahad on the other hand finally accepts that he is in love and no one but Rumi would do for him and is forced by friends to go to Pakistan and propose.

Being a Romance, it is a happily ever after once she accepts.

An enjoyable read but it could have been way better with a little more work done. Like the Point of Views. They changed quite abruptly and in the wrong places.

Not bad for a first attempt though. I rate it at 3.5 stars.

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