The Fiancee Caper by Maureen Child

The Fiancee CaperI rate it at 4 stars. What could be a better team than a former world-class thief and a former cop? Hard to think up. Here is that exactly. Two people stand on the two opposite sides of a figurative fence with their familial heritage to back them. Heritage, a line of thieves at one end and a line of cops at the other, both of them are proud of and wear as a bade of honour. Trying to get to the middle ground is pretty much no go but love has its way of forging its own path. On a quest to get a piece of jewelry back from a thief, Marie blackmails Gianni to help her. This results in them pretending to be an engaged couple for the benefit of Gianni’s family as they attend his nephew’s christening. What’s important at the end is that they accept each other with their pasts as that is a part of them that has made them what they are today.

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