Following is a short story that I wrote for a competition. I did not win but I am allowed to post it here on my blog now that the results are up. The competition was to write a short story based on a picture.

This was the picture:

Lonely Bot by Radoslaw Walachnia

Lonely Bot by Radoslaw Walachnia







Following is the story I wrote and titled ‘Shattered’.


Standing amidst the debris of the fallen side of the cave, I watched my future playing in front of me. I could see The Man standing just within the mouth of the cave. Hiding; just a silhouette visible because of the powerful beam coming out of his wand. As if seeing the face mattered. The Man was a many faced monster. One never knew which one to trust.

The Man was the one who invented me, giving me the power to think for myself; not exactly an easy feat to put a human brain in an armor of iron and steel. He fed me extracts of scientific knowledge and emotion strength. With the passage of time The Man started getting aggressive and held back the food required for my very human brain to function.

As time went by, fungus began to grow inside my iron head over a side of my brain. I started losing the edge I had over humans. It was as if my body was decaying from within – which it in fact was.

Back to my future enfolding. The Man had made this device that showed what the future held. That is what I saw. I crouched behind a boulder to put a distance between the present and future. In the blink of my metallic eye, as I crouched, I saw myself blown to pieces. A blast that had impacted from within me with a swish of The Man’s wand. I could see a side of my huge head, torn away from my body, lying amidst the debris of wood, stone and iron. I could see the blank stare of the black, bead-like eye rotating in the socket.

No other part was to be seen anywhere; I know as I tried looking for it in the blue-ish light that emitted from The Man’s wand. Nothing of me was left apart from a piece with electric current going to and forth from the wires hanging in disarray.

All that I was, was shattered!

15 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. While i would not say Wall-E, it reminded me more of the Iron Giant 😀

    Can be related to alot of motives of a person, where denying them basic rights would mean de-evolution of a person

  2. I have always admired the detailing u do to ur pieces. I don’t understand y u did not win. The details r just perfect

  3. I like the way you pinned up the details and the metallic feelings of the robot. :3
    Yeah, it does looks like a review of a movie scene going on. :p

  4. Good symbolism. Good perspective. I like the way you bring out the irony of man vs tech – where man is the ultimate creator and the ultimate destroyer. piling heaps as he goes on dumping old tech in favor of the new.

    Very well written and yes, you need to watch Wall-E if you haven’t already 🙂

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