The Sheikh’s Wedding Contract by Andie Brock

First seeing the title of the book I thought it to be a typical Sheikh story where they live in a huge mansion and have Muslim names and then go off and get married in a chapel.

But I am happy to say that I was wrong.

For the first time ever I have read about a proper Nikah (wedding ceremony) in a Harlequin novel. The first time ever that a groom was wearing a Sherwani. Even the call to prayer was mentioned as it was a Muslim Kingdom.

I must state that the research was thoroughly done.

Back to the story now.

Andie BrockZayed is thrust in the role of the Ruler of a Kingdom when his elder brother’s legitimacy (or rather, illegitimacy) comes to light. Letting go of the world he had created for himself is not easy for him but he loves his country nonetheless. Ready to make it a better place.

Then there is Nadia, a princess in her own right, who comes to seduce the new Sheikh so that they would end up marrying. The girl is trying to be the bridge between two Kingdoms that are apparently at the brink of a war.

Though she finds herself married to the man she had sought for the purpose she is not happy to be with him when he despises her so much.

He does not despise her really, he is simply angry at her concealment of a truth. A very important truth. A truth that may as well become the cause of the aforementioned war.

The lack of trust that rises then, leads to lack of communication which further leads to disenchantment and disillusionment (which are basically just in the mind).

The amazing part? He does not hold back once he realises that he loves his stubborn wife. He runs after her to tell her. Does not keep it in his heart.

Enjoyed it a lot.

2 thoughts on “The Sheikh’s Wedding Contract by Andie Brock

  1. The Name in itself gave me an Illusion of something that would have been ill researched and entirely out of context from the real life scenarios. Lets just hope i agree with your point of view when i read it.

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