Vettori’s Damsel in Distress by Liz Fielding

Vettori's Damsel in DistressAfter receiving an Autographed copy of her book by Liz Fielding, I sat down and began reading it because who is not curious about a story whose title states the heroine to be a “Damsel in Distress”. The feminist in me was in an uproar to say the least but as the story opened up, I enjoyed it more and more. It was not like what I first thought the story would be with a woman who was not able to do anything by herself rather the heroine had a backbone along with a stiff upper lip.

So let’s move on to what the story was really all about. Where to begin?

Set in a country that I want to see, this is a story of Love at First Sight. And even that, not just for one of them but both. Sparks fly right, left and centre but Dante and Angelica both consciously make efforts not to give in (Dante more so) because they are not sure if they envisage a future together.

Emotions and sparks flying high, this story talks about emotions and pain that are suppressed behind different layers of indifference and special clothing.

Making themselves vulnerable when the consequences are unknown is a very big leap of faith but they jump in it anyways.

And together they surface in their happily ever after.

Loved it!

Anyways, Ice Cream, Coffee and Italy? What’s not to Love!

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