Gift-Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress by Kandy Shepherd

This book has one of my favourite tropes executed fabulously.




A story revolving around the festive atmosphere and the spirit of giving and sharing, this book hooks one in from the first. Either it be a little flirting here and there or emotion packed scenes which makes you heart feel heavy, this book is worth the time spent reading it.

The story tells the story of people who have lost a dream each and how differently they are coping with it.

Andie, a self-employed party manager who has loved and lost wants to live each and every moment of life because she knows that any moment could be the last you have with someone or it could be your last moment. Therefore she lives while she is alive. That is definitely the right way to lead life, woman.

And then there is Dominic who has had a harsh childhood. At least from the day he was orphaned. The man was a billionaire in his early twenties. To be frank, I want to know the formula too. His defense mechanism is the hiding of his true self from the entire world and now, is viewed as a man with no heart. A Scrooge. A Miser.

With a particularly lucrative deal on the line, Dominic is advised by his people (Marketing people to be precise) to host a party where his reputation could be repaired somehow. This is where comes in our creative Andie with all her ideas for Dominic’s party.

But nothing is as easy as to be resolved by organising one party. No sir, it is not.

In panic mode, after his ex-wife tries to stir trouble yet again, Dominic announces to his soon-to-be-business-partner that Andie is his soon-to-be-wife and not just a party manager. Now the man has to get the woman on board in the hoax to work out without any wrinkles but Andies is not one to cower but get the enjoyment out of every moment.

The thing

Trying to fake emotions is not easy for either because where one is an open book, the other is, for lack of a better description, a closed book. But soon, both realise that no pretense is required because what they feel for each other is real and goes deeper than just hearts. They have a connection of souls.

The hurdle to their happily ever after is what finally breaks all the barriers between them. And it is a “Christmas Tree.”

I loved this emotion packed drama and recommend it to all those who read this genre.

14 thoughts on “Gift-Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress by Kandy Shepherd

  1. ‘Deeper than hearts’ Girl you made me more and more impatient to read this book! The name Dominic and that girl’s occupation as an event manager makes me want to read it as soon as possible. 😍

  2. I don’t usually admit this but I am a real sucker for such storylines. This is definitely one I feel like reading. Accidents, deals, walls crumbling, sparkss!!Ohhh! Why a lot of books fail in this genre is because of the characters. Also like you said I want to know the formula too. A bit more logic makes it all more believable. Convenient is good but it shouldn’t be too convenient. It is kind of insulting to our intelligence. Also, why is the guy always so filthy rich?

    • You should definitely give it a try.
      Even if it is convenient, there has to be some logic, some wit, some sense of humour to it all.

      Yes, the formula would help me realise my dream of travelling thee world.

      As for the guy being filthy rich? No clue but that seems to be the norm in Romance. I like it more, when in the rare instances, the girl is filthy rich and the guy not so. But when it is that sort of a story no one ever puts a title of gold digger with the guy’s name.

  3. Hi Hina, thanks so much for sharing about this book and for providing such a wonderful review 🙂 This seems like the kind of book that I might enjoy, especially since Romance is one of my favourite genres and Fake/Temporary Relationship/Engagement/Marriage is one of my favourite themes as well 🙂 In fact, one of the reasons that I love visiting your blog is that we have such similar taste in books that each visit ends with my TBR list increasing …which is exactly the way I like it! 🙂 Anyway, looking forward to reading this book, thanks again 🙂

  4. OMG it sounds so good 😍 I think o shouldn’t miss this one. Thanks for sharing about this book or would’ve missed it for sure 😊

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