She is Beautiful

She is beautiful.

This was the first thing that came to Farzad’s mind as he saw Zahaa walking towards him. Not towards him specifically but in the same direction. Her hair flying everywhere in the wind. Clad in cream coloured pants and a lilac button down shirt she looked happy. She looked happy talking to the man walking by her side.

Instantly, Farzad’s hands fisted as his jaw clenched. She was happy with someone else!

It was the first time he noticed the man with her. Dressed in formal attire he seemed to be at ease with her as they both walked by him. The sound of her laughter Farzad’s only companion. Slowly he turned around and saw the two of them heading to a car. There was a book in her hands and in the man’s hands too. Heading to the Book Club meet probably.

Suddenly he saw her stiffen as if alarmed and in slow motion he saw her turning towards him as she brought her hair to some semblance. Before she could spot him, Farzad slid inside his car again. He could still see her. Zahaa visibly relaxed and turned back to her companion and shook her head at whatever he asked. Pushing her spectacles up on the bridge of her nose, she slid in the front passenger seat. Of its own accord, his eyes slid to the same seat of his car. The empty seat of his car.

As he sat in front of the steering wheel contemplating what could have been, he registered the other car driving away. Taking away the girl he loved. The girl who had once loved him.

Releasing an audible sigh, he closed his eyes and leaned back in the seat; no comfort to be found.

“I can’t do this.” He muttered and started the engine of his own car, forgoing a job interview that could have taken him places. He simply did not have it in him to work with her and know that she was someone else’s. And all because he had been a fool who had believed that a relationship with her would have chained him.

He had stupidly believed that she would be there when he was ready and done with playing the field. Patiently waiting for him. What he should have realised, he scolded himself, was that she would never have trusted him after that incident. He should have known and not taken such a gamble with his life. His happiness.

And now, he thought driving on the almost empty streets, here I am; knowing that I love her but she has moved on. Almost a year on since she broke up with me.

Sending up a prayer for her happiness, he decided in that moment that if he ever moved on from Zahaa and fell in love again, he would make sure that he is audible about his emotions and secure in what he feels.

Maybe one day, a resigned sigh left his mouth and he drove on.



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45 thoughts on “She is Beautiful

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  2. Amazing story as always hina 😀
    Loved every bit of it 🙂
    As i always say, you writing style is superb ❤
    This story was even relatable! :-* you speak my heart out 😉

  3. I feel that there’s too much of ‘her’ and too little of Zahaa. Otherwise, it was beautiful and sad in its own way!

  4. Lovely piece of writing, Hina 🙂

    But I hope that you would write a sequel, as now that Farzad has realized his mistake and has reformed his ways, my heart yearns for a happily ever after for him as well 🙂 Plus, I would love to know more about Zahaa too, that is, how she moved on and found her happy ending with her own Mr. Right! 🙂

    By the way, I think that my comment is a good indication of what I loved most about your writing …your characterization skills! Even in such a brief story you managed to portray the characters so well that not only did I get emotionally and mentally involved with them but I am eager to stay connected with them …which actually is my main reason for the request for the sequel! 🙂

    Anyway, keep it up and all the best! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Ramla for taking the time out to go into such detail that brought a smile to my face.

      To write their individual stories with their Mr and Miss Right, I will have to delve deeper into their lives and that dive will be very interesting.

      Soon, I will try to write their respective happily ever afters. 🙂

  5. I love everything you write and I love everything you recommend 🙂 You are truly gifted girl! This piece is so well crafted 😍

  6. Captivating, short and a beautiful piece, Hina. ❤ Still I'd like to know more about Zahaa and Farzad and what really happened? Why did they break up? (And if there's any chance she will come back to him. :p)

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