Forever Cut Short

Note: For all those who have not seen Downton Abbey may not get the feeling behind it and all those who want to watch the series, do not read it now but come back later as there may be possible spoilers. This poem is for Sybil and Tom. The two characters I love most in Downton Abbey.


He was, but a chauffer

She saw the man though

It was all in his offer

To elope and not to the society bow


She was all fire and passion

Wanting to make a difference

Brave that she was; she found her vocation

He knew, for her he needed perseverance


They loved and turned on all

With none to believe in what they felt

Calling it a flight of fancy out of which they’ll crawl

Standing united; with their love had every heart melt


Till death do us part; they vowed

Life seemed full of promise with a lil’ one’s addition

Their love, with time, was wowed

This was a happily ever after was a conviction


With just his precious daughter

After an incurable condition took his Lady Love

A half of him is lost; unwilling to in life further saunter

For the lil’ girl in his arms he gives his life a shove

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