A Valentine for the Veterinarian by Katie Meyer

AVFTVDr Cassie Marshall is a the town vet with an adorable baby at her side. Since her ass of an ex she had remained clear of the path of love  because it is not just her she has to think of but her daughter’s heart as well.

But all that is left in dust when an Alex Santiago, a K-9 cop, shows up in the small town to play with her heartbeats. The man may be an amazing example of the mankind it self but his profession is all for Cassie’s doubts to rise.

But this tale where a man learns to reacquaint himself with his inner core where he is a softie and can be wrapped around the pinkie finger of a young girl.

Alex has not had a simple life as well and does not lend to trusting people soon but something in Cassie and her little girl makes him want to trust, to love, to put down roots.

This is a tale of characters fighting their inner demons while they also try to protect those that they love and their own emotions.

A roller coaster of ride I will call it which is made all the more exciting and enjoyable with the addition of Cassie’s little girl who is way more intelligent than warranted by her age.

A must read romance with all the highlights on importance of family and of being there for the loved ones on times of need.

I rate it 5 stars.

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