Slaying Her Dragons

Sitting by herself in the cozy café, she could feel peace coursing through her. The chartering of people all around her came as if from behind some thick veil. She was in a world of her own.

slaying-her-dragons“I must do this often.” She said to herself as a smile made its place on her pink lips.

With a sigh, she turned towards the doughnut she had ordered. Powdered sugar sprinkled all over it was by then all over her too, ruining her dress a little. She didn’t care. As she took the bites of it and licked the custard from on and around her lips, she had thoughts of all and sundry going through her mind.

So much of what she wanted and so much of what she wanted to achieve sat before her. Beckoning her the way the apple may have beckoned Eve. She knew in that moment, that as life moved forward and she walked on the path to liver her dreams, there will be so much she will have to give up. Her resolve, her determination, however, would not let her back out. It was her destiny.

With the strengthening of her resolve – a daily dose she took – she stood up, took her bag and went out the café. A lightness in her step and yet a determination in her posture. She was ready to slay her dragons.

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