A Day For The Love of Game Of Thrones

The following account is by a friend of mine, Osama Bin Mazhar. Osama is a Corporate Banker by profession and a traveler at heart.


Osama Bin Mazhar


Being a Pakistani, who in general have to face many problems when it comes to travel, it always exhilarates me to pack a bag and be on my way. A way of welcome for a nation that is thwarted in most places. The visa requirement being stringent is just a small part of the inconvenience.

I have not watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. Yes, you read it right. Not even one. But I have heard quite a few things about it. Filled with the intrigue, I decided to add Dubrovnik, Croatia, one of the places where the HBO series was shot, on to my itinerary.

img-20161019-wa0014On the 30th of September, I flew into the city and all set to experience something only fans of Game of Thrones would have wanted. The main area comprising of the fortress was too expensive for me so I stayed at the port side hostel. This area in comparison to the city centre was calm and relaxed.

There was some deliberation to stay at the city centre but the deciding factor was the EUR 8.00 transport pass that completely negated the need to stay in the city centre as travelling was no problem.

There were a few things on the agenda as in the few locations I had to visit. But high on priority was to seat myself in the Iron Throne which I found in one of the souvenir shops. I did buy a fridge magnet for a friend to get this privilege.

My experience or rather the feelings for the day when I look back is full of excitement. Living what many have though to. However much I may have enjoyed that particular day, I am still not watching the show. Serves my friends right for bugging me about it.

Following are a few photos along with the scenes from the show for comparison.

9 thoughts on “A Day For The Love of Game Of Thrones

  1. Traveling to such locations and documenting it is a social service of sorts as it provides vicarious experience to those who can’t! Keep it up

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