Secrets and Whispers

“I see progress.” Safia whispered, her voice held excitement for Nina.

Bestowing a glance at Safia, Nina shrugged her sweater clad shoulder as she replied in an equally low whisper, “I don’t.”

Nina and Safia were sitting in their university library apparently working on an assignment as the latest thriller by their favourite author sat snuggled in their textbooks.

Nudging her chair a little closer to that of Nina, so that their shoulders touched, Safia continued the whispered conversation. “Are you crazy?” Realising there was no answer forthcoming, she huffed out a breath before continuing, “But don’t you see? You’re special for him. You mean something to him!”

Visibly irritated, Nina took a deep breath and in a controlled whisper, she responded, “It means nothing. Not to him.”

“Why? I mean how do you figure that? He did something so special for you. It’s like you avoiding looking at what’s staring you in the face.” Safia was clearly a little confused and a little riled on behalf of the man under discussion.

“He’s done that for many.” Nina turned to look Safia in the eyes. “He does it for many.”

“Oh.” Silence fell between the two. A silence that was not comfortable as there were so many things bursting to be spoken. So many emotions ready to be felt.

Both of them went back to doing what they were doing prior to their discussion. A couple of seconds passed and then they became a few minutes.

“What a douchebag.” Nina knew the epitaph was not for any character in their book but for the man they had been discussing. It brought a reluctant smile to her lips as she turned to look at her best friend. The twinkling smile in her eyes made here own reach the eyes.

Holding in the sudden urge to hug each other, they returned their attention to their books.

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