The Last Goodbye

This is a scene that popped in my mind as I was going through my Facebook news feed and bears no resemblance to any person living or dead. Even when it is just a scene, it is a story nonetheless.



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“Do you hereby accept him as your legally wedded husband?” The cleric asked Sophia.

Clad in her white bridal gown, a veil shielding her expression from the attendees, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her whole life till that moment played behind her eye lids. Two moments stood out. Two moments that changed the direction of her life. Twice.

“Aahil.” She whispered. Her whisper was full of happiness and hope as she gazed at him lovingly. “Will I really get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend?” She could not believe that life could take such a turn and her life would be a bundle of fun with the man she always partnered for her adventures.

Aahil gave her a smile that reflected the love he felt for her. He leaned down, kissed her forehead and cuddled her close as they stood in the shadow of the old tree.

Everything was hunky dory and Sophia counted herself amongst the happiest people that walked the earth.

A few months passed in this bliss and then one day, “Aahil.” There was unimaginable pain in Sophia’s voice as she looked up at the man who was her best friend; the man who was the love of her life. Her hands were in his as he told her why there was no future for them.

Coming from the man she dared show her soul to, it knocked the breath out of her. “How can you do this to me?” The disbelief was evident in her voice.

“This is the best for us.” Aahil said with an emotionless voice that splintered her heart as he let go of Sophia’s hands. “We do not have a future.” He said as he started moving away from her.

“Do you hereby accept Ayaan as your legally wedded husband?” The cleric repeated.

Sophia took a deep breath in which she let go of the burden of her painful past as she committed her life to another.

With a smile that she knew was hopeful, she said, “I do.”

19 thoughts on “The Last Goodbye

  1. Oh Damn! This is beautiful. The storyline might be old to some but this little piece is literally moving, brought tears to my eyes ❤️❤️

  2. Sacrifices, Immense flexibility are two main ingredients to have a successful marriage life if based on love. I like the way the whole passage have been put together. Keep em coming

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