Zoe And The White Lie


FB_IMG_1499666857206*at a wedding*

Clad in her blue dress with the bangles jangling all the time, Zoe sat to a side with her young cousin in her lap.

She loved playing with kids.

“Zoe? Is that really you?” Asked Kulsoom auntie as she came up to Zoe. “You haven’t been seen for a long time now.”

Zoe gave her a smile but didn’t reply. Kulsoom auntie, taking that as an invitation, sat herself besides Zoe.

Silence reigned for a quarter of an hour while both of them took in on the festivities and Zoe continued playing with her cousin.

Suddenly, Kulsoom auntie focused on Zoe and made a weird face which was followed by an audible sigh.

“For how long are you going to be playing with other people’s children? Beta, it’s time you were married and had kids of your own.”

With a purple monster dancing in her mind, she remembered the little conversation she had had with a new friend that very day. With a mischievous smile she turned to the older woman and gave the brightest fake smile she could muster. Leaning a little towards her, Zoe said, “I got married a few years ago. Did Ma not invite you?” The blank look that was replaced by horror made a bubble of mirth burst in Zoe and she made an effort to keep her face expressionless. To add to the older woman’s distress, Zoe for good measure added, “And this is my kid.”

Saying thus, Zoe stood up with the child still in her arms, winked at Auntie Kulsoom and made her way to her mother. All the while the bright smile on her lips was reflected ten folds in her eyes.

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