Zoe And The Darkness

Zoe knew it was time as soon as she found herself on her back on the rough cobblestone street, a pool of sticky wetness surrounding her. The bright rays of the sun that had once been a reason to open her eyes were piercing her retinas.

Gulping the knowledge of the inevitable, she gasped to breathe in enough air to put in a request. A request she was almost certain will be discarded as she was. But effort she had to make.

While Zoe had wondered who to make the request of, she felt touch. Squinting her eyes, she made out her baby sister, Sphie. A sister she loved enough to die for. A sister for whom she was dying.

“Why?” Sophie asked; tears easily felt in her voice. “Why?”

Zoe tried to smile but only her upper lip twitched. Even that hurt.

“Because I love you too much to let you die.” The complete sentences left her gasping for air as it depleted the already low reserves of her lungs.

“I love you too. So very much.” Zoe could not bring herself to believe her sister’s declaration but it sounded good to be told you were loved.

She wanted to tell her sister to never again even think of doing what she had almost done this day. She was precious. Everyone loved her. Everyone wanted her in their lives. Unlike her. She wanted to tell Sophie how much pain her suicide would have brought to the entire family. The only she could do was gasp and keep her eyes from shutting down. She had fallen off the ledge as she safeguarded her dear sister. She did not mind, really.

In the chaos and the encroaching darkness in front of her eyes, she remembered her request.

“Don’t let.” Gasp. “Me fade.” Gasp. “Away.”

“Never Zoe. Nothing is going to happen to you.”

Trying for a smile at her sister’s naivete, she let the darkness engulf her.

Finally, she rested in peace.

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