Zoe And The Time She Got Even

Hina Zoe had recently graduated and had applied to a bank as a trainee. business officer who would after a training period be posted to different departments.

She was not at all certain about getting the job but to her surprise she did get in.

The first six months were for training and all of them (a class of around 40) had to go to the bank’s staff college for the same. There was a small faculty for the training.

One man named Anees was a senior teacher. He had a creepy habit that made many a female students uneasy. Any time a girl would go up to talk to him, he would first look her over from top to bottom and then to top again. Only then would he talk.

One day as the girls sat talking about how they uncomfortable going up to the man for any issues there that might be with class or course, Zoe decided it was time to teach this man a lesson.

The next day was a team building exercise followed by a series of presentations.

Zoe was clad in her formal pant suit and was really excited about the presentations. After the team building exercises as she was making her way to the auditorium to set up props for the presentation, she encountered Anees on the stairway. Though she had nothing to talk to him about, this was the best opportunity she would get to teach him a lesson as she had decided the day before.

Before her could look her up and down, Zoe looked the man over from top to bottom and to top again, made a disgusted face and with a flip of her shoulder length hair, she started moving up the stairs. A triumphant smile gracing her lips and making her eyes shine.

Zoe had not waited to see how Anees reacted but the eye witnesses told her that man was left shocked!

Zoe’s actions may not have made that much of a difference in Anees’s habits but she had the satisfaction that she did something. However small the action may be.

8 thoughts on “Zoe And The Time She Got Even

  1. Zoe is so cool! This is how such men who take the liberty to ogle and appraise women should be treated!!

    I remember once I was in some cafe with my friends and a boy sitting on the table across from us kept on staring shamelessly. I couldn’t stand it and asked: “Kiya dekh rahay hu?” He wasn’t expecting that at all and got so scared that he left! :’D

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. That served him right. Only if men knew how uncomfortable n uneasy their supposedly “harmless” gestures are! 🙂

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