Zoe And Her Dreams

Walking down the stairs to the parking lot Zoe was talking to her father about how she was preparing to finally live her dreams.

With a freshness in her step, she continued with her one sided conversation broken by nods her father gave.

As was her habit, she ended it all with, “just pray that my plans come to fruition Papa. Pray that I get to live my dreams.”

Zoe’s father turned to her and smiled and that brought her happiness. His words, however, put a damper to all that.

“It’s time you should be planning to get married to someone.”

She wanted to shout her frustration at the world but she contained all that and forced a smile to her face. Her father waited expectantly for her to reply. And reply she did.

“How do you expect me to find someone and then like them enough to get married when you hardly let me step out of home?”

No further words were said as the happy moment was ruined. The only good to come out of it was the strengthening of her resolve as she knew that the only backing she had for her dreams and ambitions was her will.

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