Zoe And The Broken Heart

“I think he has figured out that I have feelings for him.” Zoe’s voice was weighed down by sadness.

“Maybe. Or maybe not and he is genuinely stuck with something.” Rida said as she knew that Zoe still would not hear ill of the man she loved. She always said if anyone was her person, only she had the right to say whatever she pleased and no one else had any business uttering one bad word for them. Or else, it will be Zoe they would face.

“There is no maybe about it.” Zoe rolled her eyes. “I have not exactly been subtle about my feelings, woman!” At least she was back up from the resignation apparent in her voice earlier.

Rida did not know what to do. She wanted to cal this man a douche but knew Zoe would kill her and she also knew that her friend was not looking for someone to tell her that all was hunky dory because the woman could keep a clear head whatever the circumstances.

“What exactly do you want me to say?”

“I just want you to listen and not say a thing. Can you do that?” Rida wondered if having gotten her angry was the right thing to do as she was the only one there to face the volley of Zoe’s anger.

“Can’t even blame the damn man. There were no promises made.” Zoe was muttering as she paced the length of her room. “He never ever said that he loves me!”

Rida moved towards Zoe’s study desk and picked up a notebook and a pen and handed them to Zoe.

“What?” Zoe almost shouted as she took hold of her stationery.

“Sit down and write. Pour out your heart, love.”

“I love him so much Rida. I am losing him even when he was never mine in the first place.”

“I understand sweetheart, I do.” Her friend cooed as she enveloped Zoe in a tight hug. “You deserve better than a man who can’t understand how lucky he is to have your love.”

“But I want him.” Her despair was painted on her face for the world to see.

“Come sit. And write. I promise you will feel better.”

But Zoe did not move and looked questioningly at her friend moving backwards towards the room’s door.

“I’ll be right back with some coffee for you and when I come back there must be words on that paper.” Giving her a smile, Rida turned around and left.

Sitting down at her desk, Zoe closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Picking up her pen she lost herself in her words. She wrote as if in a trance.

The sound of the door opening broke the trance and she came back to herself. Looking down at the notebook she saw she had written in her National language. A language that was not her dominant one but in her weakness she had held it tightly.

“So what do you have for me sweetheart? Rida asked as she handed Zoe her mug of Cappuccino.


Making herself comfortable on the desk, Rida held her mug in one hand and the notebook in another.

“Urdu?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. A shrug was her only reply.

“This is some pretty awesome poetry, woman.” There was awe in her voice.

“Na, it’s just OK.” Zoe stood up and went to her bed. Lying down, she covered herself with a sheet and said, “It still hurts and I still miss him.”

2 thoughts on “Zoe And The Broken Heart

  1. Writing is one of the finest way to get over issues surrounding people (y)
    and yes, these kinda mini heartbreaks get the best out of us 🙂

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