Zoe and Mr Awesome

“It is such amazing weather outside and we don’t even have a freakin’ window in this blasted office to look out!” Zoe was agitated. It was not a good day to begin with, with all the people coming up with problems and her claustrophobia triggering a headache.

“Why do you want windows to see outside when you can see me?” It was Arsal. Being a smart aleck as always. At least it improved a little of Zoe’s mood and she smiled.

“We are so full of ourselves.” She raised an eyebrow but there was a smile in her voice.

“You should be grateful that you get to see me every day. There are people who are desperate for that.” Arsal, of course, intoned it in a serious voice.

“I should prostrate before the Lord for such a blessing?” Zoe liked this harmless banter because she knew that the man was good at heart. Rather very good.

“And which of your Lord’s favours will you deny?” All the while Arsal was working on some email he had to shoot out to the superiors. “You need to get your eyesight checked if you can’t see that Mr Awesome,” he paused in his work, looked up and pointed at himself. And repeated himself for good measure. “Mr Awesome is definitely divine and heavenly and there is always a glow surrounding him.” And he was back to his typing.

Zoe tried to click a picture to put up with the man’s self-proclaimed awesomeness. She thought it will serve him right if she posted his picture with the caption ‘Mr Awesome believes his awesomeness is more awesome than the Karachi weather outside.’ These were, of course Arsal’s, own words.

Zoe was finally able to capture a picture and soon typed out the caption he had suggested and showed her phone to him, “Should I?” There was a definite evil glee twinkling in her eyes.

“Are you crazy, woman?” He laughed as he asked her not to post.

They both laughed together as she deleted the picture. Shaking her head at his antics, she started to turn around to go back to her seat.

At Arsal’ prompting she turned around again. With a raised eyebrow she waited for him to say whatever it was he wanted to.

“You know you should tell you friends of my awesomeness and don’t forget to mention that Mr Awesome with his awesomeness is single and ready to mingle.” He winked at her, picked up a stack of papers and went to the boss’ room and Zoe was left standing there shaking her head and laughing; all claustrophobia pushed out of her mind.

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