My Favourite Bookmark

Once upon a time there was this page that sold bookmarks. I liked two bookmarks on their page and wanted to buy them. One a silver quill with some black strips attached and one this Eiffel one.


The silver one was not available and I waited for it to be made available so that I can buy both.

Then one fine day this page sponsored a competition on Bookay (that is one of my bookclubs) and a few people won. I was among those few.

When I contacted the page for my prize, I chose the silver one (which is destroyed by now) but as my luck would have it, it was still not available.

I was asked to wait. And wait, I did. For months.

Then one day I received a package with not just my prize but this bookmark too! There was a note there saying how they are sorry that I had to wait so much and therefore they are sending me this extra bookmark that I had already shown a great liking to as a gift.

I love this bookmark.

I play with it as I read and then use it to mark the place. 💖

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