Birthday Special

It was her birthday and she was lonely. It was the first time ever that Sophia was away from her family on her special day. A day she always cherished and a day she always celebrated.

She got to cross off a few items off her bucket list that day and Sophia was happy about that. It was just the lonely part that was bothering her. During the day she had had a lot of fun and now it was the last half hour. And she did not want to spend it alone; not that she had spent the day alone. She had been surrounded by people since she went down to breakfast!

She had spent the day with her team and visited Keran. LOC across which she got to see India. She had always wanted to see India.

As if living that dream was not enough, she had had a lot of fun with her friend Aahil who was always by her side telling her it was her day and she should live it to the fullest.

Sophia took out her phone and messaged Aahil if he was busy as she could not find him anywhere. Aahil had become a very good friend in the one year she had known him. Currently, they were both staying in the same hotel up in the mountains. Aahil replied instantly saying he thought she was busy with others.

Rather than texting back, she called him instead.

“Just walking along the corridor and being generally bored.” Sophia said and sighed.

“But you’re the birthday girl!” He countered.

“True that.” Agreed Sophia, but added, “A lonely birthday girl, I am.”

“What do you want to do?” He asked, realising that arguing with Sophia would not lead anywhere.

“That is what I don’t know. You tell me?” She counter asked.

“It’s not my birthday. It’s yours. Say the word, madam.” There was a smiling lilt to his voice. “You only have half an hour.” He added just in case.

“I don’t want to spend the half hour alone.” She knew what she wanted to do.

“Done. I am coming.” And the line was disconnected.

Sophia found herself looking in the mirror across from her in the corridor, smiling. A smile that reached all the way to her eyes.

With her arms on the railing, she waited but the wait was not a long one.

“Madam.” She heard Aahil say as he stood beside her just a minute later. She realised she was still smiling as she looked up at him.

“Let’s go listen to music. I have put on music in my room.” He suggested and then waited.

“Ohkayyy. What’s your room number?”

He told her the room number and they started walking towards it. He unlocked the door and asked her to precede him. He was a gentleman like that, though a complete feminist. the room was half in shadows and completely silent.

“Aahil?” She called out to him as she continued inside the room.

“Hmm….” His back was towards the room as he was locking the door.

“I don’t hear any music.” And she turned around to face him.

There was no change in his expression as he raised an eyebrow and said, “I lied to lure you in here.” He came up to her and put his arms over her shoulders, “to seduce you.”

Her heart skipped a beat.

Taking a step towards him, she went on her toes. Though there was no one else there, Sophia whispered in his ears, “do it.”

There was a new level to the silence surrounding them following her words as they stood there looking at each other.

A couple of minutes later, Aahil, with a shake of his head started to turn around but she was having none of it. Her raised eyebrow was enough to stall him; her intent visible in her dilated pupils.

“You are going to be the death of me.” Aahil mumbled as he touched his nose to hers. Let me first put on some music. I did promise you music.” And winked.

Sophia laughed and was bestowed with his lop-sided smile.

“What are you in the mood for?” He asked, walking backwards towards the television; his eyes alight with mischief. The double meaning was not lost on Sophia.

She gave him an overly bright smile and said, “soft for now.” And winked. It resulted in both of them laughing.

“Your wish is my command.” The silence of a few minutes ago completely taken over by the laughter.

Music in place, they both took a place on the bed and started humming along and talked about all and sundry in between the lyrics.

With her head on his shoulder, she felt that it was the best way for her birthday to end. But then, she started shivering all of a sudden and as if that was not enough, her teeth started chattering too.

“Now? But it’s so cozy in the room!” Aahil looked confused.

“Not as if I will it to happen.” She sounded exasperated but had enough energy to roll her eyes.

“Come here.” He said, and before she could move, he pulled her to him and she snuggled up to him. He kissed her softly on her head which resulted in her sighing contentedly.

They listened to the music while holding on to each other. In each other’s arms they drifted off to sleep.

17 thoughts on “Birthday Special

  1. Although I was looking forward to the erotica but this actually really sweet. Plus kisses on forehead always get me! They just gives you this nice feeling of how much you mean to the other person. Loved it!!!

  2. Really sweet story!By the way, where in real life can we find men like Aahil? Sweet, romantic and who are just content with cuddling and kisses on foreheads…?
    The story could use little more ‘drama’ and ‘birthday props’ since that was the setting and you WERE initially trying to write erotica. 😉
    All in all a nice attempt!
    Keep writing! 🙂

  3. The sweetness in lines were so captivating. Aahil- a rare breed whose gentle expression of love made the gem out of a simple b’day retreat.
    Cant stop myself sharing this masterpiece.

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