A Heart Died

Usually words come to me when I am busy doing something else but just happen to have a pen or a pencil in my hand and a notebook in front of me.

The same is true for this one that I am about to share with you. Before the poem was complete, I did not know what to call it, but with the last line of the last stanza came the title of my poem.

A Heart Died

13 thoughts on “A Heart Died

  1. A simple, short poem encompassing the age-old tale of innocent love tainted by the society- “Zalim Samaajh”. The ‘cat licking the cream’ is indeed how sweet love starts and before you know it, it ends all too soon with just an aftertaste and an empty bowl ( empty heart and hands, in the case of humans) to remain.

  2. Wow. The sweetness of cake eventually takes the cat to new journey, full of enthralling experiences. Super sweet lines.

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