Adventure Blue

Blue is one of my favourite colours and for a long time now, I have wanted Blue hair. Many say I am crazy but I have been adamant about Blue hair.

The plan was to get my hair dyed for Eid but due to unavailability of time, it got delayed. A week after Eid, my brother’s wedding functions began and I decided that it was the right time to get my hair dyed.

This is what I had in mind. 👇

Image result for Blue short hair

A dark shade of blue that blended in with my naturally dark coloured hair.

I headed to Second Skin Salon and Spa. The Salon is owned by Ms Qamar Nafis. The place gives you very luxurious feels and the staff is quite courteous. You can also call them friendly.

Going through different techniques regarding hair dying, we finally decided that rather than having my hair cut down at the roots, I’d opt for streaking instead.

Paint Bang is the brand of hair colour the Salon was using.

Image result for Paint Bang

Shades of Paint Bang

Once I saw the shade of blue, I was hesitant because it was too bright and neon-ish for my liking. I wanted something that was dark enough to blend in and did not stand out per se.

The woman who was giving me all the details assured me that it looks all bright because its put on synthetic hair and when applied to real hair, it will be a duller shade. I assumed she knew what she was talking about because she does this day in and day out.

My bad. I should have used my own head knowing what lines are fed to clients and prospective clients.

That is all water under the bridge and it is not like as if I don’t like my new hair.

First of all, they put a silly cap (I found it immensely silly) on my head and started taking hair out of the holes on the cap. I guess you all know how streaking is done using a cap, right?

So let’s get to what went through my head instead.

The two women who were attending me bleached some sections of my hair and that is where I started second (and third and fourth) guessing what I was subjecting my beautiful hair to. But, obviously I could not unbleach my hair so I went with it – at the same time, calling myself all kinds of names in my head.

Then, she put this colour (👇) on my head and I had to wait for the colour to take root.

Pluto by Paint Bang

Does it, by any chance, look like a shade of green here?

After 45 minutes, they washed my hair and blow dried them after patting them a little dry with a towel.

To cut a long story short, this is what my hair looks like now.

I think the look kept changing for all the days I have had these blue hair. You think so too?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, and if you have this urge to tell me what a bad decision it was or that my hair or I look ugly, you are more than welcome (in fact, urged) to leave my website right now. Thanks.


Time To Rate


The Premises


Second Skin Salon & Spa gives you a moderately luxurious feel and you are made comfortable from the moment you enter the place till the time you leave. So, nothing wrong there.

They currently do not have any website but you can visit their facebook page here.


The People


The people at the salon were friendly and listened to what I had to say.


The After Care


Let’s be honest here. After I came home, I was thoroughly displeased with the dye. My ears, my face and my nails (because I love combing my hair with my fingers) had turned blue. The damn colour was leaking! And it was the day of my brother’s Nikah and I did not have the time to take myself to the salon to get something done about it!

I called the lady (Ms Qamar Nafis) and she asked me to go to her and she will personally look into it as nothing like this had happened previously. I went the day after and she gave me a head wash twice to leach out the excess colour and gave me a blow dry.

The point is, they did not back off saying they could do nothing about it. A point in their favour.


The Colour


I’m giving it one star because I am feeling generous. I guess, that is enough for you to understand how I feel about it?

The colour is from Paint Bang.

For once, the damn this is too bright for my liking.

And, as if that was not enough, it is turning my body blue wherever the hair touch. I have no way of completely stopping sweating. And all the people I have ever known who have got their hair dyed, have never complained about such an occurrence. So, yes, I am mightily pissed.


Here is the verdict…

Opt for the salon but do not go for the Paint Bang colours!


6 thoughts on “Adventure Blue

  1. Thank you for sharing this! You just saved me a ton of grief. My daughter wants a purple streak for her birthday, and were it not for this post, I would have tried Paint Bang. Your hair looks lovely in all the pictures though.

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