A Date at FLOC

Some moons ago I promised my sisters that I will take them out for coffee. The promise remained forgotten until one fine day, one of my sisters decided that enough was enough and we had to go out for coffee!

I gave in to the pressure, of course. 😉

Recently, I found out that a new outlet of FLOC had opened at I.I.Chundrigar rd., and we decided to head there.

The place had a warm ambient feeling to it; the twinkling lights on the small Christmas tree making the place for welcoming and lively.

We got this dessert they have just started along with a brownie, a couple of cappuccinos, and a chocolate frappe. After we had been there for almost an hour, they also gave us a complimentary brownie.

Let’s go back that complimentary brownie.It was a mint brownie!

We tried it but none of us liked it. We preferred the plain (normal?) ones we had ordered instead.

The coffees were OK but the new dessert left me wanting more.

The people were friendly and it was a fun day.

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