My Blogging Journey

It was December 31st, 2010  and I was sitting in the Computer Lab at SZABIST 90 working on a group project with my group mates sitting on either side of me. They were working on their parts and I sat there waiting for them to finish for compilation to begin.

Opening my mailbox, I started reading an old story I had written. Excellence At  WorkThis is a story I wrote in grade 10 (2015) back in school. Though we were not to write that long a story, I ended up writing (handwritten, mind you) that length and bound it and gave it a book like structure. Later on, I typed it and emailed it to myself so that I can read it later.

Back to 2010 as I sat there reading my story. I felt the urge to share my words with the world. I wanted people to read the story and voila! I looked up various blogging platforms and chose WordPress (also made a Blogger blog later which I abandoned soon after). At the time, my blog had no name per se. It was just my name and I hurriedly used Google and Power Point to made a Featured Image for my blog post and promptly published the story.

Sadly the story ever got only 2 comment. Check it out, maybe?

The purpose of the blog was to share my words and my work with everyone at large;

For 2011 it included;

  • Stories I wrote
  • Poems I wrote
  • Research articles on stuff I was  reading about

In 2012, I added;

  • Daily musings
  • Opinions (book related and otherwise)
  • Articles for Blogging campaigns I participated in
  • A Harry Potter fanfiction
  • Articles for my BBA project
  • TV series reviews

In 2013, I added;

In 2014, I gave my blog a name “Lair of a Wordsmith” and published that short story on smashwords. The story that started it all.

In 2015, while no new type of content was being added and I was writing stories, the focus had shifted to writing more and more book reviews. I guess I was reading too much!

In 2016, I started;

  • A new blog which was only for book related stuff and called it “Hina Loves To Read” because I thought amidst all the book reviews, my own work was not being given the spotlight it deserved and I was also being lazy in not writing any new story or poem because the posts were rolling in
  • A segment called Read Out Loud wherein I shared the audios of me reading my stories because I wanted to dabble in audiobooks and was not a 100% willing to shift to them for my own reading

In 2017, I started Zoe Chronicles here on the blog. These are short stories revolving around one main character and often inspired by true events.

In 2018, I wrote a review for a TV series and the people on Twitter completely lost it. This is not something new that I started doing but it was one of the highlights of the year and  major exposure for the blog.

It has been business as usual since then and I need to bring in something new to spice things up Winking Face Emoji on Facebook.

Learning in the Journey

That was the story of how but there is more.

In this decade, I learnt a lot as a blogger, a writer, a reader and as an individual.

  • I was the habit of writing a story and then publishing it as soon as I was done typing it. With the passage of time, I learn that despite my abhorrence towards grammatical errors, I was making some which I was able to identify when reading the stories later.
  • Typos had been a bane of my existence because I was usually multitasking in the beginning and not paying complete attention and making my fingers decide what the right key was for any letter. I learn that I am, after all, human and prone to making mistakes and I may make errors even with checking a thousand times and that it was OK.
  • I don’t have to be a part of every blogging campaign out there because though money matters, principles matter more.
  • When I do not like a book, I do not have to continue with it just for the sake of having finished a book; life is too short as is.
  • When I do not like a book or something about a book, I do not have to necessarily have to mince my words but I must remaining respectful, it is OK to say what was wrong with what I read
  • My reviews are my opinions and not the final verdict on anything. Someone else may love the book I hated and vice versa and that is fine.
  • Life goes on; never let anything or anyone make you stop from standing when you have fallen.

Adios! Catch you soon with something more.

12 thoughts on “My Blogging Journey

  1. Read about your blogging journey and now i will embark upon the journey of reading your blogs 🙂
    I am sure I am in for a big treat here..
    All the best for your creative self ..keep going

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